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What are your rates?Can I request a demo CD?What is included in your fees?Are there any additional fees/cost?Are there any "hidden" fees?Do you require a deposit?Is my deposit refundable?When are payments due?Can we set up a meeting to discuss details?Can we hear you play live?We like your music and would like to hire your group, what is next? Late cancellations, no shows?Do you require any special accomodations?Can you play outdoors?Can you play for 15-30 minutes before the Ceremony?How large a group do I need?What are the possible instrument combinations and can I choose the instruments involved myself?Can you play some more upbeat music for the cocktail hour? What is the diference between the "small" and "large" Chari Peno Jazz Band?What are some good jazz band combinations?How does a string quartet differ from a string trio?Do you offer any discountet rates?Are the musicians that are going to play at my weding the same as on the CD?Is it possible to request a specific piece or song to be played at the ceremony?How do we go about determining the music selections?How far in advance should we book?How far are the musicians willing to travel?Will the musicians travel between venues?Do you need amplification/access to electricity?Can you bring a portable piano?How much time do the musicians need to set up?How many breaks does the band need to take and and how long?

What are your rates? - our rates will depend on several factors, such as the size of the group, the length of engagement, the distance from Boston, etc. Please, include this information when requesting a quote. top of page

Can I request a demo CD?- Now you can download all our recordings or listen to them on our website. I will email you back the link when you send me an email. If this is not an option, please, email me I will mail you a CD.

What is included in your fees? - Our base fees always include:
- the net playng time/time on spot, i.e. between the first and last note the group plays. top of page

- unlimited consultations with you in the months leading up to your wedding
- musicians being on the spot at least 30 min (or as needed) in advance of the playing time for setup, to meet with the priest/JP/ceremony officiant, to discuss final details of the order of the ceremony, or to do a quick run of a song (for example with an outside soloist) etc. top of page

Are there any additional fees/cost? - Additional fees (if applicable) would be:
- every additional 1/2 hour not agreed upon per contract is $40 per musician.
- the cost of parking our autos if free parking is not available.
- special requests - for music NOT on our online playlists - MAY incur additional expense typically: $5-$25 for purchasing a new arrangement and $50-$100 for us to write a new arrangement. Please ask, as there may be a better solution!

Are there any "hidden" fees? - No. top of page

Do you require a deposit? - There will a 15-25% deposit due upon signing of the contract.

Is my deposit refundable? - Unfortunately - no, unless of course, Con Fuoco Music fails to provide the service agreed upon. At Con Fuoco Music we take commitments seriously - as seriously as when a bride and a groom say "I DO". We will guarantee the quality service/music performance as per contract and as presented on our demos. Even if a musician should become ill or unavailable for any other reason we will hire an adequate substitute, someone who has wedding experience and has played with us previously.

When are payments due? - After the initial deposit is paid, the remaining balance will be due to weeks before the event and will not be refundable. This is for ours as well as for your convenience - we know that a wedding days can become very stressful and would like to help ease that. top of page

Can we set up a meeting to discuss details? - Sure, after you intially contact us, we can certainly meet any time convenient at my office in Belmont. I prefer to clarify as much as possible per phone or email, as I find it more efficient. Either way works. The planning of a wedding usually takes many months and numerous consultations between you ans us and that's when a lot of the really important questions will come up and are best cleared.

Can we hear you play live? - Certainly, if we have a performnce where we can obtain permission from our client to invite outside guests. top of page

We like your music and would like to hire your group, what is next? - We will email you a contract to view. Upon your approval we will send you a PDF copy of it per email. You can then return one copy signed and enclose a 10-25% deposit with it.

Late cancellations, no shows? - Weddings are planned months in advance and Con Fuoco Music needs to retain its best musicians months in advance too. A late cancellation may leave our musicians without a job on a day when they could have commited to another employer. For this reason we require per contract that in the rare event that the client cancels within 2 (two weeks) of an engagement the whole remaining balance will be due immediately.

Do you require any special accomodations? - our ensembles need enough space to set up and perform: Jazz band 15x10 sq.ft, String Quartet 10x15 sq.ft., String Trio 10x10 sq.ft., Duo 8x6 sq.ft. The classical musicians each need one armless chair to sit and play in. Usually we will travel to and from the engagement in the same day. We might need lodging if travel times are more than 4hrs one way from Boston. Meals are not a part of our requirements or of the contract, but will be highly appreciated by any musician. The music sounds better! top of page

Can you play outdoors? - Yes we do play outside quite often and this is not a problem as long as the temperature is at least in the sixties and there is no direct sunlight or rain (or extreme humidity) falling on our precious instruments. The combined value of these is many thousends of $$$ and they can be easily ruined by even a glimpse of the sun or a couple of raindrops.

Can you play for 15-30 minutes before the Ceremony? - It is very nice to have the ceremony musicians play for 15-30 min before the start of the actual wedding ceremony as your guests arrive and are being seated. This half hour of mostly baroque pieces often resembles a chamber music concert, creating the right atmosphere and gives your guests the best chance to appreciate a concert-like performance.

How large a group do I need? - The size of the group depends on your personal preferences as well as financial considerations and the number of guests. All groups perform acoustically and are loud enough, so the volume is never a real concern. It is the actual density and richness of the sound is that makes the diference. Our violin guitar duo or string trio may be perfect if you are having a small or midsize wedding ceremony (under 50). A string trio or quartet is appropriate for most weddings. top of page

What are the possible instrument combinations and can I choose the instruments involved myself? - the groups we offer are standard. They sound best because most of the music was originally written for them. It is possible, however, to experiment and we'll be glad to discuss such options with you.

The Con Fuoco Ensembles - Classical:
Duo - violin and guitar
String trio - violin, viola bass
String quartet - 2 violins, viola, bass
String quartet with harpsichord added - this is an exclusive combination with a truly Royal touch.
Other musicians. We often work with and contract outisde performers like a singer or a trumpet player to be added to our groups. We will hire them for you or let you deal directly with them. As a matter of fact we are always glad to recommend one. Please inquire about those options.

The Con Fuoco Ensembles - good jazz instrument combinations:
- Duos: 1. bass - piano or guitar or sax or trumpet; 2. vocals or saxophone or trumpet - piano or guitar;
-Trios: 1. bass - piano or guitar - drums or vocals or saxophone or trumpet; 2. piano - guitar - saxophone or vocals or trumpet;
-Quartet: 1. bass - drums - piano or guitar - vocals or saxophone/ trumpet;
-Quintet and up: bass - drums - piano - vocals or guitar or sax or trumpet - vocals or guitar or sax or trumpet (trombone);

Can you play some more upbeat music for the cocktail hour? - in fact, the Violin Guitar Duo and String Quartet do play OUR OWN UNIQUE jazz and latin music selections unmatched by any other group in New England. Make sure to listen to the online Mp3 samples.

What is the diference between the "small" and "large" Chari Peno Jazz Band?
- The "small" band is a jazz combo - duo, trio, quartet, or quintet suitable for mostly low key cocktail or dinner background and for occassions where not much dance music is called for. It is the ideal choice for the customer looking for that special jazz sound.
- The "large" version of the band (5-8 pieces) usues the same musicians as our regular band, but it is a more sophisticated and versatile ensemble capable of providing several sets of upbeat dance-pop music intended for dancing, larger crowds and more of a show set up. Although we can do almost anything from our song list in the 4-5 piece version too, with the guitar and/or sax added, many more possibilities open, repertoire-and sound-wise. The music is much more arranged and you get a more danc-eable and"bigger", "gala" type of sound. For an even greater effect a seventh or eighth musician (horn) can be added. top of page

How does a string quartet differ from a string trio?
A string quartet is not necessarily louder, it has rather a fuller and richer sound than a trio. The main diference though, between the two lies in the repertoire choices available - the quartet is able to play latin and jazz selections on top of the standard classical/wedding songs, while the trio is limited only to classical music. In many cases the choice between trio and quartet will probably depend mostly on how long the group should play for after the ceremony. If it is over 2hrs, a quartet is probably preferable.

Do you offer any discountet rates? - Lower fees may be available on weekdays, off-season, for non-wedding, non-corporate events or for any other good reason.

Are the musicians that are going to play at my weding the same as on the CD? - Generally - yes. Con Fuoco Music works hard to hire the same musicians as featured on our websites and demo CDs, since this makes for good quality. Unfortunately, as most musicians are free-lancers and contracts are signed months in advance this is not always possible and musicians are hired depending on their availability. WE WILL GUARANTEE though, that the musicians who perform at your event will equal or exceed the standard set by our demos. For this purpose we maintain a roster of several highly qualified substitutes for each position.This ensures that, despite any unforeseen circumstances such as sickness or accident, you will enjoy an excellent ensemble on your big day. top of page

Is it possible to request a specific piece or song to be played at the ceremony? - Yes, definitely - we encourage you to select the pieces for the ceremony yourself from our lists. We can handle this also based on our experience. For the cocktail hour we usually pick the selections, but you are welcome to expres your preferences. Please, let us know well in advance in case we need to purchase extra sheet music or rehearse a piece. Find more info and suggestions on music selections on the group's webpage and song list.

How do we go about determining the music selections? - If you'd like we can handle all the music just based on our experience OR if you prefer, you are welcome to come up with any suggestions. Typically, our clients like to choose their Processional and Recessional songs and anything that might be necessary for the ceremony itself. We will usually take care of the prelude/cocktail hour music. top of page

How far in advance should we book? - The earlier, the better. Usually we get booked 6-12 months in advance.

How far are the musicians willing to travel? - As far as necessary - for an extra fee. There's no travel fee within 25 miles of Boston.

Will the musicians travel between venues? - Yes. There is no extra fee for travel between locations. The time needed for travel will be treated as part of the overall engagement time. top of page

Do you need amplification/access to electricity? - Our classical String Quartet, Trio and Duo almost never need amplification as they sound best in their natural sound. We do carry a small battery powered am-plifier for our violin-guitar duo. Our jazz band usually needs power. We provide all necessary amps and sound system and 25 - 50 ft extension chord. Please, make sure there is a power outlet within that range.

Can you bring a portable piano? - Yes, please let us know in advance if one is needed. top of page

How much time do the musicians need to set up? - it is our policy and a part of the client contract that the musicians will arrive at the event location at least 30 minutes in advance of the performance time.

How many breaks does the band need to take and and how long? - it is the industry standard to take a 10-15 minute break for every 40-50 minutes playing time. However, we do not take a break for a 2hr engagement, inluding a ceremony and a cocktail hour. Our musicians are sensible and flexible, allowing your needs to be accomodated first. The time arrangement should be discussed and based on the rule of thumb - roughly 1/5 of the total engagement time should be dedicated to breaks for the band. top of page



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