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The Perfect Accompaniment

When it comes to your weddling music, the choices may seem endless. Since you have to make some musical decisions, start with the basics. Ask yourselves what kind of music you both like. What about your parents?. Your older and younger relatives and friends? Even though this is your big day, it's important to consider the entire group when making music decisions. Consider it a matter of respect. As you plan the music for your wedding think about the whole event: processional, recessional, and reception. Review the traditional types of wedding music and determine your taste. lf you are having a religious ceremony, be sure to check with your wedding officiate to determine whether your choices are appropriate. Couples often have an organist or pianist as well as a soloist per form at the ceremony, before the processional, and at key junctures during the ceremony. One of the sweetest ways to share your love with your guests is to select heartfelt instrumentals and lyrics that celebrate your union. A great way of ensuring everyone's ease at your reception is to pace tlae music. During the dinner hour have soft background music playing. After dessert dance music can begin. Include a few oldies for senior family members to enjoy.


Before the Ceremony

The music you select for this segment depends largely on where your wedding is held. If it's in a spiritual center you're likely to have certain restrictions regarding music. Many Christian churches for instance, ask that music be either spiritual or instrumental. Within the spiritual category, there is a wide selection of hymns from which to choose, varying from standards to gospel and spiritual favorites. In the A.M.E. (African Metlaozist Episcopal) Methodist Baptist churches the music is often infused with deep soulfulness that could be a perfect entree into a solemn but joyous event. Organ prelude ideas include: "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring" by J. S. Bach;


Processional Music

Coworkers anti friends alike may have been humming the classic processional march to you for weeks. Even so, you don't have to walk to "The Wedding March" by" Richard Wagner, that is "Here Comes the Bride". lf you want to, that's another story! What's most important about processional music is that the bride and her attendants (in their full wedding raiment) can comfortably walk to its beat. Ceremony music that is too fast-paced or loud can prove disruptive as the bride - even with the help of her father makes her way toward her groom. Perhaps that's why one sister enlisted the classical Boston violin guitar duo of a close friend for her long walk down more than a dozen winding steps at her outdoor wedding in 1992. That's not to say that only harps, violins, Boston string trios, string quartets, or soft organ music is appropriate. The constant beat of the kalimba brought dancer Sheryl Pollard to her husband dancer Dwayne Thomas in 1992, and she had absolutely no trouble taking each step in her Ghanian-inspired wrap gown. Two traditional classics: "The Trumpet Voluntary" by Henry Purcell; and "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring" by Bach.


During the Ceremony

Music can fill a wedding ceremony with joy and fond memories. To make that happen throughout your ceremony takes careful planning, and screening of potential soloists and wedding ceremony musicians. If you are marrying in a church and you are familiar with and like tlae the choir, find out if the choir will be available to sing at your wedding A smaller, select group of choir members might be even more fitting for the occasion. Even if you marry away from your Boston church home, you may be able to have them come to you. If you go this route, provide them with sheet music of the selections you would lie to have performed and listen to their rendering well in advance of your big day. Be sure to discuss fees with them anti be prepared to pay on the day of your wedding For those of you from other faiths, check with your spiritual officiate regarding available ceremony musicians in Boston. Another musical option is to hire outside musicians and singers. Start looking
for them at least four months in advance of your wedding if you can. Ask for referrals from family, friends, and business associates first. You can also contact any local organizations who often organize big events. Your local newspaper society editor is bound to have ideas. Whomever you choose, be sure to listen to the musicians perform and approve the way that they perform your selections. Although folks love heart-filled improvised wedding music, you need to agree with your artists on exactly how they intend to perform on your day - remondind them of where the attention must be - on the two of you! Some traditional ideas:

Recessional music

Make it upbeat! Check with your officiate to see if particular music is recommended. If you have no limitations, just search, for the most joyous instrumental that you and your fiance like. Suggestions: "Psalm l 18" ("The Lord is my lofty crag, my fortress, my champion, my God, my rock in whom I find shelter") by Benedetto Marcello; "The Wedding March" by Mendelssohn from A Midsummer Night 's Dream.

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