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What makes the Boston Con Fuoco String Quartet unique is not only the high professional level of its musicians but the very large and versatile musical repertoire list it relies on. This wealth of choices makes the ensemble suitable for a variety of different occasions, such as wedding ceremonies, wedding cocktail hours, receptions, dinners, even loud parties. It also ensures that when several sets of music are required the music will still be fresh and exciting.

This group features many classical pieces, starting with the most commonly requested wedding favourites, through other popular classics - music originally written for string quartet - as well as music from the opera and symphonic literature, adapted for string quartet, and up to some more modern selections such as Astor Piazzola's "Four For Tango".

The Jazz -Latin - Pop section of our book includes popular old-time favourites from musicals and movies. We are proud to present the quartet's unique Latin music arrangements written by us and only for us and not available commercially. Some of the music you will recall hearing in the "Buena Vista Social Club" movie and some is well known Latin standards. These pieces are so exciting , they will get your guests on the dance floor - a real feat for a classicals string quartet, if you think about it. In addition the quartet will play several tangos and waltzes.

Finally, our Jewish selections will bring the Middle Eastern flair to any event or wedding that calls for it. Having grown up in South-eastern Europe our players are confident performing in the Kletmer musical idiom and have a good sense of the Jewish culture.

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