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Adagio from "Xerxes" Handel, G. F.
A Foggy Day Gershwin, G. & Ira
Air Dowland, John
Air from Suite No.5 Handel, George Friedrich
Air 'on G string' (Aria) Bach, J.S.
Allegretto from Divertimenti Notturni Op.86, No.4 Guliani, Mauro
Allegro from Partita No.2 Teleman, G. Ph. 
Allegro in D Mozart, W.A
Allergretto Haydn, Franz Joseph
Alman Johnson, Robert
All Of Me Simons & Marks
All The Things You Are Kern, Jerome
All The Way Van Heusen, J
Amazing Grace Traditional
Amoroso Aspressivo from (Six Duets for Violin and Guitar) Paganini, Nicolo
And the Glory of the Lord Religious
Andante Diabelli, Antonio
Andante from Sonata No. 16, K.V. 545 Mozart, W.A
Andante from Sonatina, Op 36, No.4 Clementi, Muzio
As Time Goes By Hupfeld, Herman
Araber Tantz Jewish trad.
Autumn in New York Duke, Vernon
Autumn Leaves Mercer, Johnny
Arrival Of the Queen Of Sheba Handel, George Friedrich
Ave Maria Bach – Gounod
Ave Maria Schubert, Franz
Ave Verum Corpus Mozart, W.A
Aylesford' Gavotte Handel, George Friedrich
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Bagatelle Beethoven, L. van
Be Thou With Me Bach, J.S.
Berceuse Faure, G.
Black Orpheus Bonfa, Louis
Bouree Bach, J.S.
Bouree Praetorius, Michael
Bitter Sweet Symphony Mick Jagger & Keith Richards
Brandenburg Concerto No.5 Bach, J.S.
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Canarios Sanz, Gaspar
Canon in D Pachelbel, Johann
Contradanzas Habaneras Samuell/Bareiro
Czardas Monty, Vittorio
Der Heyser Bulgar trad. Jewish
Der Kiever Bulgar trad. Jewish
Desde El Alma Melo, Rosita
Dodi Li Nira Chen
Dodi Li Steven Sher
Dodi Li Jewish Traditional
Don't Get Around Much Anymore Ellington, Duke
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Eine Kleine Nachtmusik Mozart, W.A
El Hurican Samuell/Bareiro
El Majo Discreto Granados, E. 
Entr'acte Bizet, George
Erev Shel Shohanim Hadar,Y.
Esa Einai Schlomo Carlebach
Evening Prayer Humperdinck, Engelbert
Freylach Two trad. Jewish
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Go Down Moses Spiritual
Gavotte Gossec, F.
Gavotte from Sonata for Flute in C Op.1, .No.1 Handel, George Friedrich
Greensleeves Traditional
Gymnopedie I Satie, Erik
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Hava Nagila trad. Jewish
Here Comes the Bride (Bridal Chorus from 'Loengrin') Wagner, Richard
Hora Mit Tsibeles trad. Jewish
Hornpipe and Air Purcell, Henry
Hornpipe from Water Music Handel, George Friedrich
Hungarian Dance No.5 Brahms, Johannes
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If I Were I Rich Man Bock, Jerry
Invention No.10 Bach, J.S.
Italian Air from Suite in a minor Teleman, G. Ph. 
Jerusalem Of Gold trad. Jewish
Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring Bach, J.S.
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La Charidad Samuell/Bareiro
La Dengosa Samuell/Bareiro
La Quejosita Samuell/Bareiro
La Rejouissance Handel, George Friedrich
La Rejouissance Handel, George Friedrich
La Virtuosa Samuell/Bareiro
Larghetto from Divertimenti Notturni Op.86, No.4 Guliani, Mauro
Largo from “Xerxes” Handel, George Friedrich
Le Marc-Antoine Blavet, Michel
Le Tambourin Leclair, Jean Marie
Le Tambourin Rameau, Jean Philippe
Lento Teleman, G. Ph. 
Let the Bright Seraphim Handel, George Friedrich
Libertango Piazzolla, Astor
Little Italian Song from 'Album for the Young' Tchaikovsky, P.I.
Little Song Kabalevsky, Dmitri
Love Story Lai, F.
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March Bach, J.S.
March from “The  Marriage of Figaro” Mozart, W.A
March from the Notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach Bach, J.S.
Mazurka Op.67, .No.3 Chopin, Frederick
Meditation from Thais Massanet, Jules
Memory Weber, Andrew Lloyd  
Menuet Rameau, Jean Philippe
Minuet Boccherini, Luigi
Minuet Schubert, Franz
Minuet from Don Giovanni Mozart, W.A
Minuet from Eight Minuets & Trios for Pianoforte, K315a Mozart, W.A
Minuet from Eine Kleine Nachtmusik Mozart, W.A
Minuet From Orpheus Gluck, C. W. von 
Minuet from Symphony No.36 Mozart, W.A
Minuet from the Notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach Bach, J.S.
Minuet I & II Purcell, Henry
Minuet in G minor Bach, J.S.
Minuetto Paganini, Nicolo
Minuetto and Trios Beethoven, L. van
Minuetto and Trios from Flute Serende Op.25 Beethoven, L. van
Moment Musical Schubert, Franz
Musette Bach, J.S.
Musette from the Notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach Bach, J.S.
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Odessa Bulgar trad. Jewish
Oseh Shalom Debbie Friedman
Oseh Shalom Debbie Pinto
Oseh Shalom Nurit Hirsch
Oseh Shalom2 Debbie Friedman
O' Sole Mio Di Capua
Ode to Joy Beethoven, L. van
Organ Grinder, the Schubert, Franz
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Pastorale Vivaldi, Antonio
Pavane Faure, G.
Pavane Pour Une Infante Defunte Ravel, Maurice
Piacer d'Amor Martini
Playera Granados, E. 
Polonaise Mozart, W.A
Prelude in E minor Chopin, Frederick
Preludio Corelli, Archangelo
Promenade from 'Chidlren's Suite' Op.65, No.2 Prokofiev, Sergei
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Rage Over A Lost Penny Beethoven, L. van
Recuerdos la Alhambra Tarrega, Francisco 
Rejoyce (Alla D+A36anza) from Water Music Handel, George Friedrich
Reverie Debussy, Claude
Romance from 'Eine Kleine Nachtmusik' Mozart, W.A
Romance from Sonata Op.49, No.1 Beethoven, L. van
Rondeau Mouret, Jean Joseph
Rondo Bach, C.P.E.
Rondo Diabelli, Antonio
Rondo a Capriccio Op.129 Beethoven, L. van
Rondo from Sonata Op.49, No.1 Beethoven, L. van
Rondo from Sonatina Op.20, No.1 Kuhlau, Friedrick
Rondo Theme from Concerto in D Major, Op.27 Boccherini, Luigi
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Scarborough Fair Traditional
Serenade Haydn, Franz Joseph
Serenade Schubert, Franz
Serenade from String Quartet op. 3, No.5 Haydn, Franz Joseph
Sheep May Safely Graze from Cantata 208 Bach, J.S.
Siciliano from II Sonata Bach, J.S.
Sicilienne Faure, G.
Sicilienne M.T. von Paradies
Siman Tov D. Feingold
Siman Tov Trad. Chassidic
Sleepers Awake Bach, J.S.
Sonata in A Scarlatti, Domenico
Sonata Op.3, No.6 Paganini, Nicolo
Sonatine in d minor Beethoven, L. van
Shpil, Kletzmer'l Shpi trad. Jewish
Sirba No.2 trad. Jewish
Spring (from the Four Seasons) Vivaldi A.
Spring Song, K596 Mozart, W.A
Sunset, Sunrise (From Fidler On the Roof) Bock, Jerry
S'u Sh'arim trad.Jewish
Swan, the Dowland, John
Swan, the Saent, Saens Camille
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Tambourine Mouret, Jean Joseph
Tango Albeniz, Isaac
The Harmoniuos Blacksmith Handel, George Friedrich
The Mechanical Doll Schostakovich, Dmitri
Theme and Variation on a Rossini Theme Chopin, Frederick
The Prayer Carole Sager & David Forster
The Swan Saint-Saens
Torna A Suriento De Courtis
Traumerei Schumann, Robert
Tre Giorni Pergolesi, G.
Trumpet Tune Purcell, Henry
Trumpet Voluntary Purcell, Clarke
Tumbalalaikah trad. Jewish
Two German Dances, No.1 & No.2 Beethoven, L. van
Two Landler No.1 & No.2, Op.33 Schubert, Franz
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Valse Tchaikovsky, P.I.
Valse Sentimentale Schubert, Franz
V'ha-eir Eineinu trad. Jewish
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Waltz Brahms, Johannes
Waltz Grieg, Edward
Waltz in A minor Chopin, Frederick
Wedding March from  “A Midsummer Night’s Dream Mendelssohn, F.
Wedding March from “The Marriage Of Figaro” Mozart, W.A
Wedding Song There Is Love Noel Paul Stookey
What a Wonderful World Weiss/Thiele
What If I Never Spoke Dowland, John
Winter "Largo' from the 'Four Seasons' Vivaldi, Antonio
Y'did Nefesh trad. Jewish
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