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jazz_for_weddingsThe Chari Peno Jazztet is a Boston jazz group of highly professional musicians from the Boston area. We play mostly jazz music but also incorporate other styles such latin/salsa and pop. For different occasions we will adjust our set list to suit the purpose of the event. For example a cocktail party or a wedding reception might require just a soft, inobtrusive background to allow people to converse. A jazz club setting will require the band to dig deeper into the realm of improvisation with impressive, albeit sometimes unpredictable musical developments...Where more upbeat music for dancing is called for, our jazz band will resort to the more popular songs and the Latin idiom in order to keep guests on the floor. The band can be hired as a whole or as a Duo, Trio, Quartet, Quintet and up to eight musicians. Please, visit the Chari Peno Jazztet jazz/weddings/song list.


The Chari Peno Jazztet has several reincarnations - from a single musician (usually piano), through duos, trios, quartets, quintets and up to eight musicians. Our Song List is by no means exclusive or full. It rather seeks to give a general imression of our style range. While most of the songs can be done in (almost any) number/combination of instruments/voice it should be mentioned that certail songs will require a more specific instrumentation in order to sound well. This is generally more true of well known dance numbers and pop songs, as these are known to most people in a certain way/ arrangement/sound.


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