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boston_string_duoCon Fuoco Duo is a classical violin-guitar duo designed to offer great music for a lower budget. Ideal for small wedding ceremonies, a duo is the smallest "full band" possible. Con Fuoco Duo plus Bass is an extended version of the Duo, a trio actually, which allows for more violin, guitar and bass trioversatility in classical music and especially in jazz and pop music. Let us say you needed strictly classical music for the wedding ceremony, but more upbeat, jazzy sound for the following cocktail hour or reception - this trio can do it all! Go to our Media player to watch this amazing ensemble in action.

There exist different kinds of duos such as two stringed instruments, e.g. viola and violin, violin and cello, or of two horns, such as two trumpets or a oboe and bassoon, etc. All of the above are mono voice instruments, meaning that each of them can only play one note at a time. In contrast, there are duos where typically one of the instruments is able to produce several notes simultaneously, such as a piano, guitar, organ or a harp. These ensembless have generally a fuller sound as e.g. the guitar is able to play up to six notes at a time (chords), so the sonic picture is altogether richer too. In addition, the mono voice instruments, for example a violin, gains much more freedom to sing out its melody. Last but not least, the existing sheet music for duos consisting of a solo and a chordal instrument is very abundant. This means that we have several times more songs/classical pieces to choose from compared to a duo of two monoaural instruments.

The above mentioned specifics should be well considered when making a choice about hiring a duo for you wedding, party, anniversary, etc. Make sure to check out our duo song list. Naturally, if you are having a larger wedding party 200-300 and up a larger group might be more suitable. REgardless of that the Duo provides its own amplification.

Con Fuoco Duo will typiacally play 30 minutes of "prelude music", followed by the actual wedding ceremony and possibly by 1-2hrs. cocktail hour, or even longer, for the reception.

Please, email Chari Peno at to inquire about our rates. We have performed at over 100 weddings or other special events in recent yers - references are available upon request or on our Client Testimonials page.

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The ensemble guarantees a professional and entertaining approach to your event and bring with them a professionalism and charisma to delight you and your guests. The Duo is mostly active in Boston, Massachusetts, but will travel to other states such as New Hampshire(NH), Rhode Island(RI) or even Maine(ME), Connecticut(CT) and New York(NY).

CONTACT US: Con Fuoco Music, Management and Booking, Chari Peno, Tel. 617.359.4248, e-mail:
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